In May 2018, voters approved a bond to fund improvements all across the school district. Through market premiums, earnings on bond proceeds, grants and reimbursements, the total approved bond program has grown from the original, or base bond amount of $619.7 million, to $667.7 million without adding costs for the taxpayer.

The district-wide focus of bond work is to relieve overcrowding, improve safety and security, add science labs and expand our career and technical (vocational) education program spaces at our secondary schools. Bond work also focuses on protecting the community’s investment in school facilities.

Five schools began construction in 2019. These schools included Gubser Elementary School, Judson Middle School, Waldo Middle School, McNary High School and North Salem High School.

Gubser completed construction on time and on budget over the summer. The school was ready to serve students and staff when they returned in the fall. The renovations are already making a difference.

Gubser was originally built without a cafeteria and used a small classroom as a makeshift lunchroom. Other students had to eat in the instructional space outside of classrooms known as “pods.” The new cafeteria addressed this issue, and students no longer need to eat in the pods. They can enjoy their meals together in one lunchroom. Teachers and custodians also spend less time cleaning up the instructional spaces and can spend more time focusing on students.

The new classroom addition brought students out of the portables and into the school. Students now have more adequate instructional space and no longer walk outside to get to their classrooms. The three new classrooms also help Gubser prepare for future enrollment growth.