The communities of Salem and Keizer are ready to celebrate and honor the work of 89 area educators as the 24thAnnual Crystal Apple Awards return to recognize excellence in education.

Presented by the McLaran Leadership Foundation and the Salem-Area Chamber of Commerce, the 2023 awards will be held on February 10, 2023, at the Salem Convention Center and feature dinner, entertainment and emcee Zach DuFault.

“The Salem Chamber is very excited to bring back the Crystal Apple Awards Banquet, recognizing excellence in public and private education across the communities of Salem and Keizer,” said Salem-Area Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Officer Tom Hoffert. “This annual event has taken a back seat during the global pandemic, but we are thrilled to have educators, administrators, support staff, and the entire community back in-person for one tremendous evening in recognition of excellence in education of our students in Salem and Keizer.”

A full list of nominees in available below and on the Crystal Apple Awards website.

“I am thrilled to have this special and long-standing recognition program return to our community,” said Salem-Keizer Public Schools Superintendent Christy Perry. “Thank you to the Salem-Area Chamber of Commerce and the hundreds of individuals who came together to prepare this year’s nominations, which recognize so many incredible educators within our community.”

Final recipients of a 2023 Crystal Apple Award will be announced at the 24th annual event, sponsored by Mountain West Investment Corporation, MAPs Community Foundation and the Epping Family Foundation. Tickets to attend the event are now sold out.

Event details

When: Friday, February 10, 2023

Red carpet begins at 5:30 p.m. Nominees will walk the red carpet in alphabetical order by school and department name.

  • 5:30 – 5:45 p.m.: Auburn – CTEC
  • 5:45 – 6:00 p.m.: Early Childhood Education – Harritt
  • 6:00 – 6:15 p.m.: Highland – McNary
  • 6:15 – 6:30 p.m.: Migrant Education – Scott
  • 6:30 – 6:45 p.m.: South Salem – Sumpter
  • 6:45 – 7:00 p.m.: Swegle – Yoshikai

Dinner and awards begin at 7 p.m.

Where: Salem Convention Center

2023 nominees

Below is a list of nominees for the 2023 Crystal Apple Awards.

  • Irma Aguilar, Support Services and Recruitment Specialist, SKPS Migrant Education
  • Jeanette Aguirre, Counselor, Roberts High School
  • Erin Ahlquist, Counselor, SKPS Early Childhood
  • Harry Ahn, Teacher, Blanchet Catholic School
  • Favi Baez, Special Education Instructional Assistant, Grant Community School
  • Merri Bath-McDonald, Counselor, McKay High School
  • Gilberto Bedolla, Special Education Teacher, South Salem High School
  • Patrick Bertsch, Special Education Instructional Assistant, Leslie Middle School
  • Jessica Beus, Instructional Mentor, Swegle Elementary School
  • Alyssa Bond, Teacher, North Salem High School
  • Kathy Bowers, Teacher, Candalaria Elementary School
  • Christine Bowlby, Principal, EDGE Program
  • Tony Brandt, Special Education Teacher, SKPS Student Services
  • Caryn Brooks, Occupational Therapist, SKPS Student Services
  • Margaret C. Hill, Teacher, Bush Elementary School
  • Michael Cape, Transportation Field Coordinator, SKPS Transportation
  • Katelyn Coburn, Teacher, Leslie Middle School
  • Pat Curran, Counselor, Whiteaker Middle School
  • Kelsey DanielsPrincipal, Schirle Elementary School
  • Michael Daniels, Technology Support Specialist, SKPS Technology
  • Ashley Delarosa, Counselor, Claggett Creek Middle School
  • Rachel Dixon, Teacher, Judson Middle School
  • Anna Edison, Instructional Mentor, EDGE Program
  • Marilyn Edwards, Teacher, Schirle Elementary School
  • Curtis Fisher, Teacher, CTEC
  • Sheila Gebhardt, Administrative Specialist, SKPS Music and Theater
  • Artonya Gemmill, Principal, EDGE Program
  • Bethea Gliebe, Teacher, Sumpter Elementary School
  • Jessica Godinez, Instructional Support Assistant, Myers Elementary School
  • Mateo Gonzalez, Custodian, Parrish Middle School
  • Amber Green, Special Education Teacher, Battle Creek Elementary School
  • Jason Gundlach, Principal, Candalaria Elementary School
  • Ramon Gutierrez, Support Services and Recruitment Specialist, SKPS Migrant Education
  • Micki Halsey Randall, Teacher, Blanchet Catholic School
  • Ben Handrich, Counselor, South Salem High School
  • Stephen Haner, Teacher, Claggett Creek Middle School
  • Bridget Hawley, Special Education Teacher, Harritt Elementary School
  • Scott Johnston, Teacher, McKinley Elementary School
  • Kathleen Jonathan, Community Resource Specialist, SKPS Student Equity, Access and Advancement
  • Sarah Keck, Teacher, South Salem High School
  • Stacy Kilgroe, Teacher, West Salem High School
  • Angela Lague, Behavior Specialist, Houck Middle School
  • Janet Linares, Teacher, South Salem High School
  • Dalton Lindsey, Instructional Support Assistant, Straub Middle School
  • Richell Lutz, Instructional Assistant, Englewood Elementary School
  • Jennie Madland, Principal, Leslie Middle School
  • Jenny Martinez, Instructional Assistant, Hammond Elementary School
  • Reggie Maxwell, Teacher, Valley Inquiry Charter School
  • Denny McCarthy, Principal, Straub Middle School
  • Kyle McGrath, Special Education Teacher, McNary High School
  • Celia Miramontes, Custodian, Scott Elementary School
  • Daniel Monroy, Graduation Coach, South Salem High School
  • Carl Mucken, Principal, Queen of Peace Catholic School
  • Sheila Muller, Teacher, Harritt Elementary School
  • Hortencia Navarrette, Bilingual Instructional Assistant, Bush Elementary School
  • Rahel Owenya, Community Schools Outreach Coordinator, SKPS Language Services
  • Jeremy Parker, Teacher, Auburn Elementary School
  • Karen Perez, Program Associate, SKPS Elementary Curriculum
  • Maija Peters, Teacher, Harritt Elementary School
  • Lisa Pierson, Teacher, Judson Middle School
  • Jacqueline Pope Brothers, Teacher, Sprague High School
  • Dennisa Pozos Gonzales, Teacher, West Salem High School
  • Denise Proudfoot, Nurse, South Salem High School
  • Dustin Purnell, Principal, Parrish Middle School
  • Ariana Recher, Teacher, Wright Elementary School
  • Cynthia Richardson, Director, SKPS Equity, Access and Advancement
  • Joel Rocha Torres, Instructional Support Assistant, Swegle Elementary School
  • Vinnie Rolfness, Teacher, South Salem High School
  • Maricela Ruiz Herrera, Bilingual Instructional Assistant, McKay High School
  • Rachel Ryan, Teacher, Leslie Middle School
  • Rick Saffeels, Teacher, Candalaria Elementary School
  • Jody Saunders, Teacher, Crossler Middle School
  • Jessica Solis Flor, Community Schools Outreach Coordinator, Roberts High School
  • Megan Spickerman, Instructional Support Assistant, Chapman Hill Elementary School
  • Gabriella Steinlicht, Bilingual Instructional Assistant, Kennedy Elementary School
  • Tanya Stevens, Instructional Support Assistant, Pringle Elementary School
  • Sarah Theis, Principal, Highland Elementary School
  • Tim Thomas, Custodian, Wright Elementary School
  • George Thomson, Teacher, West Salem High School
  • Karla Tibbits, Counselor, West Salem High School
  • Dena Turner, Teacher, Stephens Middle School
  • Denny Van Wyck, Custodian, Brush College Elementary School
  • Marisa Varay, Special Education Instructional Assistant, West Salem High School
  • Alyssa Veliz, Teacher, Yoshikai Elementary School
  • Kevin Vignery, Behavior Specialist, Grant Community School
  • Sherry Waters, Instructional Assistant, Scott Elementary School
  • Greg Watson, Principal, Clear Lake Elementary School
  • David Whetzel, Teacher, Scott Elementary School
  • Alina Yory, Bilingual Instructional Assistant, Hallman Elementary School