How to create a daily schedule

Last Updated: September 13, 2021 |
Published On: August 30, 2020 |
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For your student’s specific class schedule, please contact your child’s school to get specific school or class information.


To create a developmentally appropriate daily routine or schedule that supports your student’s needs.

Tips for achieving a daily routine

  • Set a consistent bedtime to allow for plenty of rest.
  • Use an alarm to help with waking up at the same time every school day of the week.
  • Establish a morning routine together that includes daily hygiene, getting dressed for school, and having breakfast.
  • Use visual cards for the daily schedule.
  • Follow the recommended academic class schedule provided by your child’s specific school (talk to your child’s teacher if you have questions or concerns).
  • Include breaks throughout the day (including time away from screens) as well as a consistent lunch time.