As we welcome students back to school in the New Year, we are hopeful that our students, families, and staff had an opportunity to rest and renew. We also recognize the reality of the changing atmosphere with increased COVID illness in our community and are thinking and planning for how that will affect all of us.

Currently, our school operations are in full swing, and our goal is to keep students in school and in person, ensuring their safety and well-being as we navigate the uncertainties of this new COVID-19 variant.

Our staff is experiencing increased illness just like in our community. This makes us concerned about the possibility of significant staffing shortages, which may require us to move classrooms or schools to temporary remote learning. Please know this will be our last choice, but we need to prioritize the safety of staff and students.

Current local public health guidance reduces the number of quarantine days

As of Jan. 5, 2022, our district will begin to follow the isolation and quarantine guidance provided by our local public health authorities, which is a shortened isolation and quarantine period. All staff and students must continue to follow the district’s COVID-19 safety protocols.

Working closely with our local health authorities will help us to keep families informed of any new changes as they relate to COVID-19 guidance and school settings.

District guidance on extracurricular activities

Currently, we are continuing with our extracurricular activities and are reviewing protocols and safety measures. We will continue to prioritize consistent safety practices for student participants, coaches, staff and spectators, just as we have been doing.

See newly updated guidance on Athletic Protocols and Safety Measures.

Families should be aware of the increased risk of transmission of COVID-19 during extracurricular events, which could result in students needing to quarantine. Any changes or adjustments to our protocols for students and/or spectators will be shared with families.

Thank you for your patience as we monitor regular changes in COVID-related guidance and what this means for our school community.

Additional information from the School Health Advisory from Oregon Department of Education and Oregon Health Authority

We need your help to maintain in-person instruction for children across Oregon. When community spread increases, more COVID-19 is introduced in our schools and causes disruption of in-person learning due to quarantine and isolation. You can help:

  • If your student is ill, do not send them to school. If they have COVID-19 symptoms, seek a COVID-19 test.
  • Get vaccinated now if you’re not. Vaccination remains the best protection against serious illness from COVID-19 and reduces spread of the disease. Go to Get Vaccinated Oregon to learn more.
  • Get boosted if you’re not. If you’re eligible for a booster, make your appointment today. Boosters provide an extra layer of protection needed to slow spread of the omicron variant.
  • Families with school-age children and educators should limit gatherings and non-essential activities with people from other households to the extent possible throughout January and February. If you are visiting people from another household, you should wear a mask, maintain a physical distance of at least 6 feet, and keep activities outdoors as much as possible.