Accessibility Features and Extensions for Chromebooks

Last Updated: September 13, 2021 |
Published On: August 30, 2020 |

This video shares how Salem-Keizer students can access additional extensions and features within their Chromebooks to help support a strategy or need that they may have.

Frequently Used Universal Student Supports

Below are more Chromebook accessibility supports available to students (Download PDF of the Chromebook Extensions for Accessibility)

Student Learning Strategy or Need Examples

“When I read and hear text at the same time, I understand what I am reading better.”

“My comprehension increases when I listen to text.”

“Now that school is mostly online, my eyes hurt when I read.”

Chromebook Solution

Text to Speech


Select-to-Speak – Chromebook Feature

Built-in Chromebook feature, available in Chromebook Accessibility Features

Provides text to speech for selected text or items on your screen. Options for highlighting, voice, speaking rate and volume.

Watch the “Select to Speak” Google video for more information

Student Learning Strategy or Need Examples

“I get distracted by adds and other things I see when I am reading articles on the web.”

“Reading is easier when I can change the background color or font.”

“Blinking graphics and active videos make it hard for me to focus.”

Chromebook Solution for

Increasing Readability

Student Learning Strategy or Need Examples

“When I speak my thoughts, I can express my knowledge and produce, or respond with more depth.”

“Spelling is hard for me and speech to text helps.”

“I can write more when I do not have to think about typing.”

Chromebook Solution for

Speech to Text

Dictation – Google Feature

Allows voice typing and voice commands to type, edit and format your documents or add text to any edit field across your Chromebook.

Voice Typing is Available in Chromebook Accessibility Settings, in the Manage Accessibility in the Keyboard & Text Input Section

Available for student download in the Chrome web store.

Instructional video for Dictation

Watch “How to use speech to enter text on your Chromebook” video

Student Learning Strategy or Need Examples

“I like to make things more accessible for my visual, motor or hearing needs.”

Chromebook Solution for


For extensions labeled, “Available for student download in the Chrome web store”

  • Open Chrome browser
  • Type the name of extension and the words “chrome extension” in the address bar, then search
  • Find and select the link for the name of the extension. This should open the Chrome Web Store.
  • You should see name of the extension and a blue box that says, “Add to Chrome.” Use this button to add. In the pop-up box, choose “Add extension.”

The extension will now be added to your account and should be available to the student when they have signed into their Google account.