Brain Breaks

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Published On: August 28, 2020 |
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Brain Break Allotment Times

It is important to set up short breaks before the child is exhibiting a need for a break. They can be used in conjunction with goal setting.


  • As soon as you complete 10 minutes of work, you could then take a brain break.
  • As soon as you finish 3 math problems, you might want to take a brain break.
Student Age How often should you take a break? How long should the break be?
Age 4-5 8-12 minutes 2-5 minutes
Age 6-7 12-18 minutes 2-5 minutes
Age 8-9 16-24 minutes 2-5 minutes
Age 10-11 20-30 minutes 2-5 minutes
Age 12 and up 24-36 minutes 2-10 minutes

This is a range and varies based on the needs of each individual child. Each child may need more or less breaks than indicated below

Brain Breaks During Learning Time: Whole Brain Learning

Why breaks?

Being on a computer and engaged in school heavily relies on using the left side of the brain. Students need to find opportunities to use the right side of the brain through movement and sensory experiences, to regulate and calm their systems.

Ways to Increase Energy

(for a sluggish mind)

Focusing energy

(for a distracted or anxious mind)

energy: Auditory

  • listen to guitar or upbeat music of choice

focus: Auditory

energy: Movement (Vestibular)

  • free dancing
  • quick movements: jumping jacks, jumping
  • go noodle
  • run
  • lift heavy boxes or other heavy objects

focus: Movement (Vestibular)

energy: Tactile

  • make snow angels on the floor
  • eat a crunchy snack
  • chew a piece of gum
  • blow a whistle

focus: Tactile

  • squish balls, velcro, zippers
  • hug a stuffed animal or pillow
  • petting an animal
  • Kinesthetic Sand /play dough
  • heated rice pack or warming pack
  • weighted blanket

energy: Artistic/Verbal

  • play with legos™ or building something
  • play a quick game (uno, board game)
  • call a friend

focus: Artistic/Verbal

  • coloring
  • process art
  • drawing: Tutorial
  • do a craft
  • puzzles
  • build a fort