Thanks to the Salem-Keizer community’s support of the 2018 bond, hundreds of millions of dollars will be invested in making vital improvements to learning environments across the district. After months of planning and preparation, construction has started at two schools. Three more are scheduled to begin work in the next few weeks.

North Salem High School and Gubser Elementary School are currently in the early stages of construction. Waldo Middle School, Judson Middle School and McNary High School will begin construction this summer.

For safety and to support the swift progress of construction, the five school campuses will be closed to community use this summer. Some school offices and summer school activities will need to be relocated to other sites. Please continue reading to learn about work planned at each school, summer office locations and more.

North Salem High School
Summer office and summer school location – Parrish Middle School
Construction started spring 2019
Projected complete by August 2020
Total project budget $69.9 million

With a total project budget of nearly $70 million, the work planned for North represents the largest project in the 2018 bond program. North started preparation for construction after Spring Break 2019 with demolition of select portable classrooms and excavation of a portion of the parking lot. Demolition of the gym is expected later this spring. Renovations at North include adding 20 new general education classrooms, one new science lab, two career-technical (vocational) program spaces, a satellite commons and kitchen, a new main gym and new auxiliary gym, spaces to support special education and other improvements. The capacity of the school will be boosted to serve 2,200 students.

Gubser Elementary School
Office remains at Gubser, operating on summer schedule
Construction started March 2019
Projected complete by August 2019
Total project budget $5.5 million

Work at Gubser started following Spring Break 2019 with the demolition of the covered play area on the north side of the school to make room for four new classrooms. Three classrooms will provide additional space to relieve overcrowding and prepare for future growth, and the fourth will replace a classroom that will be renovated as part of the cafeteria and kitchen expansion. The portable classroom will be removed and both covered play areas will be relocated to accommodate the expansions.

McNary High School
Summer office and summer school location – Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC)
Construction starts June 2019
Projected complete by August 2020
Total project budget $52.6 million

The next school to break ground will be McNary High School. McNary will also be expanded to serve 2,200 students by adding 14 new general education classrooms, one new science lab, two career-technical education program spaces, seismic improvements, safety and security improvements for the front entry, additional parking and an expanded drop-off lane. Staging for construction has already started with contractors establishing their mobile office on site and work beginning to construct the replacement softball field. A groundbreaking event is set for May 17 at 9:30 a.m. in front of the school.

Judson Middle School
Summer office and summer school location – Crossler Middle School
Office closes at Judson at 4:00 p.m. on June 13 and opens at Crossler at 7:30 a.m. on June 18
Construction starts June 2019
Projected complete by May 2020
Total project budget $13 million

Work at Judson is expected to begin with interior renovations in June. Seismic strengthening, the cafeteria expansion and office renovations to improve visibility of the front entry are first on the list at Judson. Later this summer or early fall, more visible work will start on the school campus with construction of the classroom addition and multipurpose fitness room. Judson will receive three new classrooms, four new science labs, an expanded cafeteria, a multi-purpose fitness room and additional improvements.

Waldo Middle School
Office and summer school remain at Waldo in summer 2019
Construction starts August 2019
Projected complete by August 2020
Total project budget $14.3 million

Much like Judson, Waldo will receive additional classrooms (four), new science labs (four), a cafeteria expansion, a multi-purpose fitness room, office renovations to enhance safety and security, and other improvements. Work at Waldo, however, will be scheduled a little differently than at Judson – exterior work to add the new classrooms and fitness space will begin first for Waldo, with interior work starting summer of 2020.

Four schools scheduled to begin construction in 2020 are in the design process, with several more gearing up to begin working on designs soon. Architects have been working with staff at McKay High School, South Salem High School, Auburn Elementary School and Hoover Elementary School to create floorplans for the additions planned for the schools.

For more information on the 2018 bond program, please visit the Bond Program page on the district website.