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May is recognized as Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Throughout the month, we will share stories that celebrate the unique culture of our AAPI students and staff. SKPS Native Language Specialists Isaac and Sofina start the month with a video welcoming our community into this heritage month.

Community Learning Session #3: Pacific Islander Stories from Oregon

The third Community Learning Session is titled Pacific Islander Stories from Oregon and is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Monday, May 16. It is hosted by Salem-Keizer School Board Chair Osvaldo Avila and SKPS Director of Student Equity, Access and Advancement Cynthia Richardson. Join us!

School board proclamation

The Salem-Keizer School Board has declared May 2022 to be Asian American/Pacific Islander Heritage Month. See the official proclamation in multiple languages below.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Proclamation

WHEREAS SKPS recognizes that despite the month being Asian American Pacific Islander, both Asian and Pacific Islander are distinct groups and deserve equal representation, though categorized together they have their own classification and cultures; and

WHEREAS Asia-Pacific encompasses all 48 countries of the Asian continent and the Pacific islands of 15 countries and three subregions that include Melanesia (2,000 islands), Micronesia (2,000 islands), and Polynesia (1,000 islands); and

WHEREAS traders from the Asia-Pacific region reached North America as early as the 16th century, but the first significant wave of immigration began during the late 1800s; and

WHEREAS Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have played a significant role in America’s history, with their enormous contributions to science, arts, industry, government, and commerce; and

WHEREAS the people from the Compact of Free Association (COFA) island nations have moved to the U.S., with especially the Marshallese and the Chuukese populations growing exponentially in the Salem-Keizer area; and

WHEREAS five percent of Salem-Keizer students identify as Asian or Pacific Islander to include Cambodian, Mayan, Occitan, Palauan, Philipino, Pohnpeian, Shona, Tagalog, Telugu, Thai, Tonga, Vietnamese, Yapese, Chamorro, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), Native Hawaiian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, LAO, Samoan, and the largest student groups of Marshallese (314) and Chuukese (310); and

WHEREAS SKPS within Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month celebrates all its students, including students who identify as LGBTQ+, and those who are First-Gen Low Income (FGLI); and

WHEREAS 2.52 percent of Salem-Keizer employees identify as Asian or Pacific Islander – 48 identify as Hawaiian and Pacific Islander and 127 identify as Asian; and

WHEREAS SKPS provides resources to directly support continued achievement growth for Asian American and Pacific Islander students; and

WHEREAS Salem-Keizer is committed to expanding employment and career opportunities for advancement of historically underserved populations; and

WHEREAS SKPS condemns the anti-Asian harassment and violence across the country and

NOW, THEREFORE, the Salem-Keizer School District Board of Directors proclaims May 2022 to be Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and invites our community to join in celebrating our students and staff of Asian, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander heritage and in making this period of rededication to the principles of justice and equality for all people.