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Native Education Program Academic Coaching

Native Education Program offers Academic Coaching

SKPS Native Education Program offers Academic Coaching to assist in your Learning journey. We have Cultural Resource Facilitators, Licensed Math teachers, and College Student volunteers available to assist you with your assignments! Come see us and get an alley-oop! Tap in, we’ll see you there! Academic Coaching is available most Monday’s and Wednesdays throughout the school year from 4-6 pm with the exception of holidays.

Academic Coaching on Canvas
Access Academic Coaching on the Canvas application.

Sharpen your study skills. Get caught up. This is a drop-in service.

Language Arts




Scholarships/ Letter writing


(Active Resources for Indigenous Success in Education)

ARISE Course Card

We are happy to announce ARISE!

Active Resources for Indigenous Success in Education has officially launched. This platform offers our students access to timely resources that help them prepare for College and Career Opportunities. As we become aware of opportunities like Job/Career Fairs, Trade School and Apprenticeships, Scholarships and Summer Work Opportunities, we will put them on this platform to make them accessible to our students as soon as they are available. Certain Scholarships and Grant opportunities have very stringent deadlines, so the sooner we can give access to these resources the better chances they will have at success. We are able to answer questions and even help them apply via our Academic Coaching Platform as well. ARISE to the opportunities abound.

Academic Coaching on Canvas
Access ARISE on Canvas.

For more information contact Jennifer Hook.

Family Representation

Parents can invite Native Education staff to attend school meetings such as IEP or behavioral meetings.

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