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PAC Nominations NOW OPEN!!

PAC Nominations Open!

Nominate someone or yourself to a position on the Parent Advisory Committee!
PAC Nominations NOW OPEN!!

The Native Education Parent Advisory Committee (NE PAC) for Salem-Keizer Public Schools (SKPS) is holding their annual elections for the 2022-2023 school year.  The NE PAC is a Federal Government requirement in order for the school district to receive Title VI Indian Education Formula grant funds. These funds assist in setting priorities to meet our American Indian/Alaska Native students’ unique educational and culturally related academic needs.

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For more information on the NEP PAC, click on this link to reference the Voter’s Guide.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer member of our team, submit your nomination by 3/31/23 by clicking on this link Nomination Form or scan the QR code below.

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2023 NEP Graduation Celebration

Native Education students in the graduating class of 2022 at a celebration at North Salem High School on Sunday, May 15, 2022.

Class of 22′

Since the mid 90’s, the Native Education Program, and Parent Advisory Committee have sponsored this special celebration in honor of Native Education graduates earning a diploma, as well as those earning High School completion and GED. Cultural Resource Facilitators will be contact soon to be grads with information to be a part of this beautiful tradition.

As part of the ceremony, we acknowledge each student by saying a few words about them.  We ask that grads and parents complete an online Senior biography form to ensure they are properly recognized the form is available as early as March and closes in May every year, if you need a paper form please request one by emailing,

Virtual Literacy Night

Spring 2023
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Spring Virtual Literacy Night

We are happy to announce the availability of our Virtual Literacy Night as of Thursday April 20th and will remain available until June. Recently your student may have received a packet at school to bring home for Native Education Program’s Spring Virtual Literacy Night. This interactive programming will stay open for students to take part in all of the activities until the end of the school year.

NEP Calendar

Save the dates!

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Save the dates!


04/03 PAC Mtg. 6:30-8:00pm

04/10 PAC Mtg. 6:30-8:30 pm

04/13 Enrichment Night 6:00-8:00pm

04/20 Virtual Lit Night 4:00-6:00pm

04/27 Native Clubs Conference 4:30-6:30pm


Save the dates


05/03 Ribbon Skirt Event 6:00-8:00 pm

05/04 Attendance Recognition Night 6:00-8:00 pm

05/08 PAC Mtg. 6:30-8:30 pm

05/19 Youth Move UofO Fieldtrip

05/21 NEP Graduation & Dinner 3:00-8:00 pm


Save the dates


06/12 PAC Mtg. 6:30-8:30pm

Native Education Program
Nanuch pus kamtaks

In Pursuit of Knowledge


Academic Coaching 4pm-6pm on Canvas!

Available Mondays and Wednesdays!

NEP Academic Coaching Flier Academic Coaching Flier

Students can join through Canvas HERE!


Program Overview

The Native Education Program provides Programs and Services and Cultural Enrichment opportunities for American Indian and Alaska Native students.
  • Academic Coaching
  • Native Clubs for High School
  • Family Enrichment Nights
  • NEP Graduation Ceremony
  • Annual AIAN Celebration
  • Culturally-based Academic Summer School

We also provide family and student advocacy for school meetings, college and scholarship info, as well as mentoring. Our mission is that all students graduate and have a successful life.


Native Ed in the District News

  • Native Education Program

Native Education Parent Advisory Committee Nominations Open

March 9, 2023|

Starting April 3, the Native Education Parent Advisory Committee (NE PAC) for Salem-Keizer Public Schools (SKPS) will hold its annual election for the 2022-23 school year. NE PAC Position Nominations If you are interested in becoming a volunteer member of this team, please submit your nomination by March 31, 2023 through this online nomination [...]

  • Native Education Program team

Native Education Program supporting students

January 9, 2023|

Native Education Program The Native Education Program is one of many district programs dedicated to providing targeted supports for our students. The Native Education Program team in particular provides cultural enrichment opportunities for American Indian and Alaska Native students, including: Academic coaching Native clubs at high schools Family enrichment nights Native Education Program graduation [...]

  • Student Spotlight: Monica Barrios-Arredono

Student Spotlight: Monica Barrios-Arredondo

November 30, 2022|

Produced by McNary High School senior, Communications Intern Coal Bach November is Native American Heritage Month and this is a time for us all to honor the diverse heritage and culture of the Native American community. The district encourages everyone to learn about tribal lands, customs and cultures to celebrate and honor the rich [...]

  • Two young Native American students in regalia

Salem-Keizer Public Schools Land Acknowledgement

November 7, 2022|

Video in English (captions are available in English and Spanish) November is Native American Heritage Month. Join Iton Udosenata as he reads our land acknowledgement statement on behalf of Salem-Keizer Public Schools. At Salem-Keizer we serve over 1,800 students who identify as American Indian or Alaska Native.

AIAN Celebration Poster

2021 AIAN Celebration!

Join us as we ring in Native Heritage Month with the 4th annual American Indian Alaskan Native Celebration, a celebration of Native Arts and Culture. This year we have special guests “Mike Bone” Lil Mike and Funny Bone from the Hulu hit series Reservation Dogs. This virtual event will by guest hosted by Fish Martinez aka 28thaNative. There will be a special Student Art Showcase and other student led activities throughout the evening! Please be sure to fill out the survey below, it will help guide our program for next year!

Watch it here!

The Native Education Program Team!

Meet the NEP Team!

Shelby Maerz

Shelby Maerz

Citizen of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde is the Program Associate for the Native Education Program. She wears many hats, but most importantly ensures the nuts and bolts of the Native Education Program are good and tight. With an expansive knowledge of the Program as a whole and a guide to the NEP Universe, Shelby may just know the answer. We think Kitty Purry would agree.

Shelby Maerz

Flora Gutierrez

Flora is our Senior Secretary, she is the grease on the wheels that keep everything running smooth with the Native Education Program. She ensures that all t’s are crossed and i’s dotted, and is herself a wealth of knowledge. She cares deeply about the students and community we serve and leaves no stone unturned to help in the mission of seeing all students graduate and prepare for a successful life. 

Shelby Maerz

Mona Smith

Mona is a Citizen of Choctaw Nation and is the Tribal Attendance Promising Practices T.A.P.P. Family Advocate for Native Education, she helps to ensure all AI/AN Students needs are being met to improve attendance rates for Native students at select schools in the Salem-Keizer Public School District. She is passionate about advocating for Native students and helping them meet their needs in order to be successful and feel safe.

Shelby Maerz

Jennifer Hook

Jennifer is a Citizen of the Mowa Band of Choctaw Indians and is the Recruitment Specialist for Native Education, she helps to ensure all AI/AN Students have access to the programs and services NEP Provides, she works directly with the CRF’s to ensure all of our students are counted. She is hands on when it comes to serving our students and is a great person to talk to about how to get your student involved with NEP.

Cultural Resource Facilitators

The role of Cultural Resource Facilitator is to bridge the gap between students and families of the AI/AN Community and SKPS. We act as a resource for students and families and can act as a conduit for other resources for AI/AN Students, we attend school meetings, IEP’s, parent teacher conferences etc. and assist with getting resources to our High School students (soon to include k-12) through our newly created Native Clubs network. We also work directly with schools and staff to address students needs, we keep track of our students and are there to offer support and guidance along the trail to graduation!

North Salem

(North Salem, McKay feeder system Roberts/Alt Ed)

Che Finch (Mr.Finch)

Citizen of the Willowa Band and Whitebird Band Nimiipuu (Nez Perce Tribe) and Ft. McDermott Northern Paiute, Mr. Finch is an artist, emcee, producer in his own time and serves the North Salem, McKay, and Roberts High Schools and Feeder system as a Cultural Resource Facilitator. 

Shelby Maerz

West Salem/ Keizer

(West Salem, McNary Highschool feeder system)

Savanna Rilatos

Citizen of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz. Savanna is passionate about Native Youth and is a Native American Studies student, serves the McNary and West High Schools and feeder system as a Cultural Resource Facilitator.

Shelby Maerz

South Salem/ Sprague

(South Salem, Sprague Highschool feeder system)

Kylee Daulton

Kylee is a Citizen of the Madesi band of Pit River Tribe. Kylee is passionate about Native Culture, fitness, fashion and art! She serves the South and Sprague Schools and feeder system as a Cultural Resource Facilitator.

Shelby Maerz

There are many facets to the Native Education Program, and we are committed to ensure that our AI/AN population are counted and given equitable resources in the Salem Keizer Public School system. We invite you to get in touch with any one of us if you have any questions.

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