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We offer language translation and interpretation services, and provide assistance to schools in registering new non-English speaking students.

Salem-Keizer Public Schools

Language Services




Written Translations:

Oral Interpretations & Equipment:

Lancaster Professional Center

2450 Lancaster Dr. NE
Salem, OR 97305

Bradley Capener,
Administration Coordinator

Cheryl Bennett,
Langauge Services Coordinator

Contact Language Services

Translation Services

Translations Service staff speak and write ten languages including Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Marshallese, Chuukese, Chinese, Somali, and Swahili.

We have translators/interpreters available throughout the District for special language requests. If no school/building translators/interpreters are available for the language requested, the requests should be submitted to K12 Education, Language Services via email:


  • Julio De La Torre, Spanish
  • Emma Duran, Spanish
  • Alvaro Rovati, Spanish
  • Maija Knechtel, Russian
  • Sofina Kiteuo, Chuukese
  • Ali Al Omrani, Arabic
  • Ibrahim Ibrahim, Somali/Swahili

District staff can contact us for translation of documents or in-person interpretation at meetings or events.

Enrollment Services

Parents and Office Managers contact us for assistance in registering new, non-English speaking students in our schools. The Language Services team administers the Language Use Survey and the Woodcock- Muñoz tests, and the ELPA21 Screener (when available).

For Enrollment and English Proficiency Assessments Contact:

  • Lilia Carrasco
  • Araceli Figueroa
  • Nancy Moreno
  • Maria Preciado-Gonzalez
  • David Stewart
  • Cheryl Bennett
  • Josefina Bula
  • Sofia Muñoz-Ortiz

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