Parents' guide to graduation

Secondary Grading

Standard Grading

At the secondary level (middle and high schools), Salem-Keizer’s schools report grades on the traditional A through F scale.

Parents get official reporting on grades every nine weeks. Parents are encouraged to check-in regularly with their child on class progress and parents can access up-to-date grading information through ParentVUE.

Grading and Distance Learning

During distance learning it’s important to note that at the high school level, nine-week grades are final, credit-bearing grades, as opposed to how traditionally, students received final grades (halfway through the school year – late January). This is important to know because students do not have as much time to make up work should they fall behind.

Proficiency Grading

Proficiency grading, as discussed under the elementary grading section, is starting to be implemented in secondary schools, however, it will be some time before it is fully adopted.

Like in elementary schools, teachers in secondary schools consider progress toward year-end learning standards when determining grades, but they translate these proficiency scores into the traditional A through F scale.

To understand how teachers approach this at the secondary level, be sure to attend parent-teacher conferences and talk with your student’s teachers about standards and grading practices.

A teacher demonstrates for students in a middle school science classroom