Field Trip Requests

Field Trip Requests for External Non-Profits

Submit Transportation Services Form

Salem Keizer Transportation Services may be available for external non-profit organizations. To apply for field trip service, the non-profit fills out the Application for Transportation Services and returns to the Administrative Assistant in Transportation.

After Application Approval

If the application is approved, the organization may then fill out the External Trip Request and submit to Salem Keizer Dispatch at The organization agrees to pay the external rate for service.

Dispatch will evaluate our resources in order to provide the trip. If the trip falls within the trip guidelines and resources are available, a trip will be arranged.

Trips on student contact days must fall within the hours of 9:15-2:00 or after 4:30.

Rental rates

(Effective as of September 1, 2021)


Hourly Rate: $102.71 per hour


Bus Rate: $1.58 per mile
Van Rate: $0.83 per mile
Driver Hourly Rate: $47.11 per hour
Driver Overtime Rate: $70.67 per hour

Overnight Trips

Meals and Lodging

Overnight trips generally incur costs for meals and lodging, according to the GSA per diem rates.

Driving Time

Drivers are to have a set schedule, including time off the clock, per Commercial Driver License requirements.

Other Information

Drivers are paid from Transportation back to Transportation. Any trip in excess of 4½ hours entitles the driver to a duty-free meal period. Teachers and coaches are asked to work with drivers to establish a mutually agreeable time for the driver’s duty-free meal break that will not inhibit service to the school activity. No meal reimbursement is necessary; driver’s time is paid straight through in lieu of meal reimbursement with the exception of overnight trips. Field trips are restricted to specific travel times. Transportation Dispatch can help locate contract operators for needs during bus route hours.

When renting a bus, the parties understand their responsibility to assume costs of repairs in the event of damage.

Field Trip Rental Docs & Forms

Bus Rental Fee Rates

Rates & Fees for External Customers

PDF Bus Request Form for External Customers ♦ TRN-F025

Application for Transportation Services


PDF Bus Request Form for External Customers ♦ TRN-F025

Bus Request Form