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Salem-Keizer Public Schools

Facility Rental Services








3630 State Street
Building A
Salem, OR 97301

Public Office Hours:

Monday through Friday
8:00am to 4:00pm

District Closures: When the District is closed, facility use is canceled. For information about District closures due to inclement weather, click here.

Procedures and Information

Salem-Keizer Public Schools facilities are available for rent to community members and groups. A fee is charged for renting a facility, and certain guidelines must be followed in order to rent a building or room.

If you want to rent space inside an elementary or middle school OR a high school field, please contact the District Facility Rental Office.

Angie McCaffrey, Facility Scheduler
Lisa Hodson, Administrative Assistant
David Fridenmaker, Manager

If you want to rent space inside a high school, please contact the school directly.


General Information

2018-19 Notice to Renters Informational Memo

Information covering the facility rental programThis memo contains general information on Salem-Keizer Public Schools’ Facility Rental program, including overview of annual renewal process, event requests, insurance information needed, rates, past due accounts, and the current schedule for gyms and sports fields.

Scheduling Requests for Stadiums, Artificial Turf, Natural Ball Fields and Gyms

Rental Schedule: high school stadiums, elementary and middle school gymsSports Facilities, Stadiums, Artificial Turf Fields, Natural Ball Fields and Gymnasiums are scheduled on a seasonal basis in order to coordinate with school sports seasons. The following documents provide information on the due dates for applications for an upcoming sports season. Applications received after the due date will be scheduled on a space-available basis.


2018-19 Facility Rental Customer Information (FAC-F010)

PDF file of FAC-F010 for new customers & for existing customers; due annually

For new & existing customers; due annually.

Effective July 1, 2018

Facility Rental Event Request Form (FAC-F011)

thumbnail of fac-f011_FaciltyRentalEventRequestFor each event, single or recurring

Sample Certificate of Insurance

thumbnail of 2017-03-31_CertofIns_Sample

Rental Fees

Indoor & Outdoor Rental Fees (FAC-W028)

thumbnail of FAC-W028_FeeScheduleIndoorThis document lists current rental fees for district facilities, including both indoor and outdoor rental fees.

Request for Fee Waiver for Fundraising Events (FAC-F012)

thumbnail of fac-f012_RentalFundraiserFeeWaiverSalem-Keizer Facility Rental Request for Fee Waiver for Fundraising Events FAC-F012

Policies and Use Agreements

District Policy – Use of District Facilities (FAC-A011)

Document: Administrative Policy: Use of District Facilities FAC-A011

This policy describes priority for the use of District facilities by community groups and organizations.

District Procedure – Use of District Facilities (FAC-P011)

thumbnail of fac-p011_DistrictFacilitiesUseProcedureThis procedure describes user group criteria, the application process, payment of fees, and other significant requirements for the use of district facilities.

Facility Rental Terms of Agreement

thumbnail of FAC-RNT-F010_FacilityRentalCustomerInformation_backside

Certificates of Insurance

thumbnail of 2017-03-31_CertofIns_Sample

Sample Certificate of Liability Insurance

All rental groups will be required to provide a Certificate of Insurance naming the Salem-Keizer School District as an additional insured. A Sample Certificate can be found above under “Forms.”
Custodial, Event Monitoring, Security Services, Kitchen Services
Many events will be required to have Custodial Services, Event Monitoring, Security Services, Kitchen Hostess Services and other services. The costs for these services will be included in the Rental Estimate and payable by the rental group.

Payment and Confirming a Rental Event Reservation
Payment of your Rental Event Reservation is due within 7 calendar days after your Rental Event Reservation has been confirmed, or no less than 2 working days prior to the event date, whichever comes first. Unpaid Rental Event Reservations will be cancelled if payment has not been received. A new Rental Event Application would then be required to reapply. Payment may be made by cash, or money order. Make checks payable to Salem-Keizer School District 24J.

Event Changes and Cancellation
Notify the Facility Rental office no later than 5 days prior to the event date of any requested schedule changes. Notify the Facility Rental office no less than 2 working days prior to the event date of any cancellations.

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