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Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness Programs and Resources

Uprise Health
Uprise Health

A free, digital, mental health and work-life application for staff and their families.

Watch the video for a quick overview of digital mental health services and the Care Navigator feature.

Learn more about Uprise Health program from their flyer “Digitally Enabled EAP & Work-Life Services”.

Get the access code and instructions to download the app and set up an account on our intranet.

Quick Access to Counseling via Telehealth

  1. Call Portland # for EAP:  866-750-1327
  2. Specifically request telehealth through BetterHelp
  3. Remind the Care Navigator that SKPS has 6 no-cost sessions
  4. Services can also be accessed through the Uprise Health app, including 24/7 crisis support

OEA Choice Trust Employee Health & Wellness Support Mini-Grant!

Click on the image for more information.

Educator health and well-being support funding
Apply for mini-grants to foster the health and well-being of the school employees in your building!

~ Deadline is June 10, 2022 ~

Happy Teacher Revolution

Happy Teacher Revolution is an international movement to support the mental health and wellness of education professionals.

Want to  learn more? Please contact Allison Silbernagel, Elementary School Counselor Program Associate or Chris Moore, SEL Coordinator.

Salem-Keizer Latest Info for Staff

Wellness Minute

First, Self-Compassion

Difficult situations become even harder when we beat ourselves up over them, interpreting them as a sign that we’re less capable or worthy than other people.

In fact, we often judge ourselves more harshly than we judge others, especially when we make a mistake or feel stressed out. That can make us feel isolated, unhappy, and even more stressed; it may even make us try to feel better about ourselves by denigrating other people.

Rather than harsh self-criticism, a healthier response is to treat yourself with compassion and understanding.

According to psychologist Kristin Neff, this “self-compassion” has three main components: mindfulness, a feeling of common humanity, and self-kindness.

This exercise walks you through all three of those components when you’re going through a stressful experience. Research suggests that people who treat themselves with compassion rather than criticism in difficult times experience greater physical and mental health. Take a Wellness Minute and give it a try!

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Our Vision

To provide a workplace where our employees are thriving; in service of equitable student

Our Mission

To establish a workplace that actively nurtures employee wellness for all SKPS team members.

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