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You can visit the Emergency Message website directly by clicking on this link.

Cómo saber acerca de los cierres de emergencia y comienzos tardíos en las Escuelas Públicas de Salem-Keizer, escuche aquí

Emergency School Closures and Delays

In the event of bad weather, district officials will make the decision by 5:15 a.m. that day to close all or selected schools or to delay the start of school.

First information is sent to the Emergency Messages website linked to below, then specific news media listed below are notified of the closures and delays. If no announcement is made it’s safe to assume that the district is operating as usual.

Messages will also be posted to SKPS’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

School Closures and Delays

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School Messenger Telephone Notification

If schools are closed or start times delayed, all students and staff will get a recorded message to the phone number on record with the district. This message will tell you about school cancellation, delay to start times, or district closure. Calls begin going out at 6 a.m. Make sure your contact information is up to date.

  • Families who need to update their phone number should contact their school.
  • Staff should go on the Employee Self Services website and update their information.

Remind App

This year, we will also be utilizing the Remind notification system. Through this system, you will receive text messages from the district and/or your child’s school. We recommend you take a moment to download the app and manage your notification preferences to ensure you receive your messages in the best way that works for you.

Local Media Announcements

The media will mention the district only if there is a delay or closure. If you do not hear any information, it’s safe to assume district schools are open or have resumed their regular schedule.

When Schools Open 2 Hours Late 

  • Morning buses will run two hours later than normal.
  • District morning preschools will be cancelled.
  • District afternoon preschools, unless specifically closed, will be on normal schedule.
  • Head Start AM preschools will be cancelled, but afternoon preschool will be open.

Early Dismissal Due to Bad Weather

Each school has an emergency plan in case of early dismissal due to inclement weather. Contact your child’s school for more information regarding their emergency plan.

Streets covered in snow in front of Shirle Elementary

School District Staff

thumbnail of HUM-A002 Inclement Weather

Administration Policy HUM-A002: Reporting During Inclement Weather and Other Emergencies

As a member of Salem-Keizer staff, if you are unsure if you should report to work during inclement weather or other emergency, please refer to this PDF, HUM-A002.

Late Start | Licensed Staff

When school is delayed district-wide due to inclement weather, licensed staff’s reporting time is delayed by the same amount of time as it is for the students. For example if the start of the school day is delayed by 2 hours, then licensed staff reporting time is delayed 2 hours from their normal reporting time.

Late Start | Classified Staff

Classified staff reporting time is also delayed by the same amount of time as the students, except for the following: 12-month employees and those who are designated as essential staff (i.e., office managers, custodial, and maintenance, and transportation – mechanics and support staff) are to begin at their normal start time or as soon as it is safe.

School Staff

Procedures for canceling or delaying schools (district login required)