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Opal Creek Outdoor School High School Leadership Program

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We are seeking high school students to join us for upcoming Outdoor School programs with fifth and sixth graders from within the Salem/Keizer School District. High school students would be leaders and mentors to the younger students. They supervise their own cabin groups, sleep in cabins, and eat meals with them, similar to a camp counselor. They also  attend and assist with trail classes. 


Benefits of this program are far-reaching and impact not only the leaders themselves, but ripple out to the entire community. Conflict resolution, interpersonal communication, community engagement, and self-regulation are a few of the many skills that High School Leaders learn to develop.

The commitment includes 3-4 days of programming, with High School Leader training taking place the day before each program begins. I recognize that this program requires students to miss school days in order to attend, so there may be concerns about the ability to complete school work. I want to assure you that we offer ample breaks for our High School Leaders to complete their school work so that they don’t fall behind in classes. 

The following dates are available for Spring 2024:

  • April 17-19: day outdoor school, up to 65 students
  • April 24-26: overnight outdoor school, up to 30 students

Should these dates work for you, please contact us at (503)892-2782, ext. 2 or

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