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picture of camp college students  2023

CAREcorps is open to any high school-aged youth (including 8th graders heading to high school) living in Salem and surrounding but as of now, only SKPS students receive a .5 community service elective credit on their transcripts.


  • After the 3-week intensive service leadership program in July, teens have gained 60 hours of service and leadership training.

  • Program is still free with breakfast snacks and lunch provided. Cherriots will help each youth determine a riding route plan BEFORE camp begins if needed.

  • Hiring high school upperclassmen for the program too.  See back of flier attached.

  • Last summer we welcomed 30 teens representing just about every SKPS high school.  It was great!  Program tends to have see 20-60 teens each summer. 

  • Registration link: