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Multi-Agency Response Drill – June 2024

Fire engine and multiple law enforcement vehicles with lights on

Watch the video on Salem-Keizer Public Schools YouTube (English)

The safety and security of our school campuses and all who visit us is our top priority. Because of this, during the week of June 17, we will conduct a multi-agency safety response and reunification drill in the area of Sprague High School. It is our responsibility to do absolutely everything we can to keep our students and staff safe, a responsibility we do not take lightly.

This Training Opportunity will Help us Accomplish the Following Critical Goals

  • Continue to build systems and seamless communication lines with our partner agencies, such as police, fire and health services. 
  • Provide law enforcement an opportunity to practice response to a large-scale event on our school campuses.
  • Test our communication networks for families and the community. 
  • Build an exercise model that can be used in other communities.
  • Run through reunification protocols to practice and improve our systems to quickly and effectively reunite students with their families in the instance of a necessary school evacuation. 

What is a Reunification?

A large portion of our work during the week of June 17 will focus on our processes of reuniting students with their families after a major emergency. In a real emergency, reunification sites and instructions will be shared with families when the reunification sites are set up. 

One thing you can do today to prepare for any potential emergency is to ensure your contact information is up to date with your child’s school. You can do so by completing the enrollment verification process or by connecting with your school. 

The drill will be just one piece of our multi-layered approach to safety and security in Salem-Keizer Public Schools.

Our Safety Systems, In-Part Include:

  • Preventative measures such as, mental health supports and counseling services. 
  • Nationally-recognized threat assessment systems implemented when students are showing signs of harming themselves or others. 
  • Connections with other agencies that provide crisis support services to struggling students.
  • Campus security and strong student-adult relationships. 
  • Physical building design, locked doors and established entry systems.
  • Centralized Emergency Operations Center.
  • Districtwide camera systems.
  • Drills and ongoing training for students and staff.
  • SAFEOREGON Tip Line (844) 472-3367.  

Learn More About Safety Systems in SKPS

People who live in the area of Sprague High School should be aware that they will see increased traffic from law enforcement and first responders during the week of June 17. Some roads will be closed, but residents will be allowed through. 

We are grateful to our partners in this upcoming multi-agency drill, including Salem Police, Keizer Police, Marion Oregon State Police, Salem Fire, Salem Health, Willamette Valley Communications Center and many more. It takes a community to keep our children safe!

And thank YOU for entrusting us with the safety of your student. It's a responsibility we are committed to.