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Fall Update on Upcoming 2024-25 Budget Reductions

Superintendent Andrea Castañeda sits at a table

A message from Salem-Keizer Public School's Superintendent Andrea Castañeda regarding upcoming budget reductions for the 2024-25 school year.

Video: Fall Budget Update

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Message From Superintendent Castañeda

Today, it’s important that I share an update about our financial situation. Since I began my role as Superintendent this past July, our team has been doing everything in our power to strengthen our financial situation. We’ve been focused on cutting back our expenses. Through those efforts, we’ve reset our financial forecast. But even with that hard work, we still have to close a very large gap next year. 

This week I shared the news that between now and July 1, 2024, we will need to reduce hundreds of precious members of our staff. We’ve spent months looking for any alternative – finding viable, last-minute bailouts, identifying early reductions/cost-saving measures, and changing our underlying spending habits. At this point, I have to share that we cannot close the gap without reducing our workforce.

We will start with reductions that protect the classroom. In December, we will share millions of dollars of cuts at the district level. This will include staff reductions, reorganizing services, and reducing district spending. 

By sharing this information now, I am offering us time for preparation. And we will use that time well: to make the gap as small as possible, to talk to as many of you as possible, and to make the best decisions possible.

The reductions that we are facing would be necessary regardless of our current labor negations. Even if contracts were settled today, we would still have to reduce our workforce at this level.

While a hard reduction is unavoidable, we have one important thing we can control: how we respond as a district and how we respond as a community. As a leader, I am dedicated to leading with transparency and to be anything less than completely forthcoming about what is ahead of us would be a disservice to our community and an abdication of my leadership responsibilities.

Andrea Castañeda, Superintendent
Salem-Keizer Public Schools