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Celebrating LGBTQ2SIA+ Pride Month - June 2024

LGBTQ+ Pride Month June 1-30

The celebration of Pride Month started in response to the Stonewall Uprising in June of 1969 and the following challenges and triumphs, and is celebrated annually in recognition of the LGBTQ2SIA+ community. Understanding the profound impact of LGBTQ2SIA+ voices and stories, Salem-Keizer Public Schools is committed to amplifying the experiences of LGBTQ2SIA+ students, staff and community.

Promoting a Sense of Belonging

To provide the necessary support and recognition, policies and procedures were put in place to enhance inclusion and access for LGBTQ2SIA+ K-12 students and staff. Creating safe spaces and promoting a sense of belonging for all students is necessary for all students and staff to learn and thrive.

LGBTQ2SIA+ youth face higher rates of bullying, violence and harassment, more than four times as likely to attempt suicide as compared to straight youth, experience an increased likelihood to be unhoused because of their identity, experience discriminatory policies, and often have less access to safe spaces. While Pride Month celebrations serve as an annual reminder, the district is committed to addressing the needs of LGBTQ2SIA+ students and staff year-round.

In Salem-Keizer, the spirit of inclusivity and acceptance is critical to shaping a brighter future for all. Together we acknowledge that embracing diversity is not only necessary to support all students and staff, but it is also a celebration of the differences that makes our community extraordinary.

Pride Month Proclamation

In 2019, the Salem-Keizer School Board voted to approve the district’s first Pride Month proclamation for the district. At its June 11, 2024 meeting, the Salem-Keizer School Board will consider and vote on the annual recognition for 2024. In part, the 2024 LGBTQ2SIA+ Pride Month Proclamation. the proclamation states:

WHEREAS, it is important to be inclusive of the LGBTQ2SIA+ community, Pride Month includes LGBTQ2SIA+ individuals from all demographics and backgrounds, acknowledging intersectionality to support our LGBTQ2SIA+ K‐12 students and staff.

Pride Month Special Events

Daisy Open House

colorful rubber wrist bracelets displayed on a table

This year, the district hosted a collaborative “Daisy Open House” event for students, families and allies from the LGBTQ2SIA+ community where attendees could access resources, understand how to support others or seek support for themselves and more.

Green Carnation Graduation Celebration

Three graduates smiling while wearing LGBTQ+ stoles.

This year, the district hosted a special graduation celebration – the Green Carnation Celebration – to honor students and families who identify as LGBTQ2SIA+. Just as high schools hold awards ceremonies for their graduates, the district hosts several graduation celebrations for students of groups who have historically struggled to graduate or faced barriers in school. These inclusive events allow students to receive special regalia and unite with peers who share their experiences and identities. By honoring students in this supportive setting, the district recognizes their accomplishments and diverse backgrounds.

Pride Month Field Day

During the month of June, the district annually hosts a Pride Month event. This year, Salem-Keizer’s Office of Student Equity, Access, and Advancement, in partnership with the student LGBTQ2SIA+ youth council, will host a student-requested and led event – field day. This event serves as a welcoming place to celebrate LGBTQ2SIA+ students and families and features a variety of activity stations, a sensory/reading room and a meal for families.