Contractor Fingerprinting and Training

Contractor Criminal History Form

Submit a Contractor Criminal History Check

Please click here to submit a criminal history check form for contracting with the Salem-Keizer School District.

Paper versions of the criminal history check form are available here: English | Spanish

If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources at 503-399-3061 or at

Child Abuse and Boundaries Training for Contractors

The Salem-Keizer School District provides training to contractors, employees,
and volunteers on the prevention, recognition, and reporting of child abuse and sexual conduct.


Responding to Suspected Child Abuse

As a contractor, you may interact with students who have been the victims of abuse or neglect. You may question how you should respond to such concerns. This PDF, Responding to Suspected Child Abuse: Guidelines for Salem-Keizer School District Volunteers, provides the process to follow if you suspect that a child at school is the victim of abuse. Please read the information carefully and speak with an administrator if you have questions.

Please visit our Child Abuse Prevention page for more information on preventing child abuse.