Community Bond Oversight Committee

What is CBOC?

IN May of 2018, voters in Salem and Keizer approved a $619.7 million general obligation bond for school expansions and renovations.

Bond funds will be used to add space to relieve overcrowding and prepare for future enrollment growth, add career and technical education and science classrooms, improve safety and security, enhance seismic safety, upgrade access to technology and implement Americans with Disabilities Act improvements. Every school is planned to receive some kind of improvement in the 2018 Bond Program.

The Community Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) was formed to monitor progress of the bond program and  provide regular reports to the school board. The public is welcome to attend and observe CBOC meetings. CBOC consists of 11 volunteers. Meetings will be held quarterly, or more frequently as requested by the school board or superintendent.

Major Responsibilities of the Committee

  • Monitor progress of the 2018 Bond Program, including construction projects and budget.
  • Report at least annually to the school board on the progress of the 2018 Bond Program.
  • Provide recommendations for the use of bond funds in accordance with state law and the language in the voter-approved ballot title.

Who is CBOC?

  • Lisa Harnisch – CBOC Co-chair
  • Nancy MacMorris-Adix – CBOC Co-chair
  • Mark Shipman – CBOC Co-chair
  • Adriana Miranda – Boundary Review Task Force Co-chair
  • Aniceto Jay Taisacan Mundo – Community representative
  • Chelsea Anderson – Fiscal Analyst, Oregon Health Authority
  • Chuck Woodard – Senior Construction Project Manager
  • Debbie Gregg – Budget Manager, Marion County
  • Michelle Vlach-Ing – Lawyer, multicultural experience
  • Danielle Bethell – Keizer Chamber of Commerce
  • Tom Hoffert – Salem Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Marty Heyen – Board Director and liaison to CBOC
  • Jesse Lippold –Board Director and liaison to CBOC
  • Leanette Mabinton – Representative from Student Equity Committee, McKay High School

Agenda (PDF)

Presentation to CBOC (PDF)

  • Financial update
  • Draft annual report

Minutes (PDF)

Agenda (PDF)

  • Program Update

Presentation to CBOC (PDF):

  • Inspection tour debrief
  • Program update
  • CBOC questions

Minutes (PDF):

Agenda (PDF):

  • Meeting begins at the Olinger building at 5:30 p.m. The meeting will officially conclude and then staff will conduct a tour of construction at North Salem High School for CBOC members.
  • The public is welcome to attend the portion of the meeting held at Olinger.

Presentation to CBOC (PDF):

  • Overview of Viking Field House
  • Program update (2019, 2020, 2021 projects)
  • Program financial overview