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Title IX Training

We ensure that all individuals who coordinate, investigate, or serve as decision makers for Title IX complaints receive proper training.

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Lancaster Professional Center
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Title IX Staff Training Materials

Trainings Completed by John Beight, Title IX Coordinator

Winter 2024

Fall 2023

Spring 2020

Trainings Completed by Debbie Joa, Title IX Assistant Coordinator 

Winter 2024

Fall 2023

Fall 2022

Fall 2021

Fall 2020

  • Title IX Investigator Training 2020 by TIX Education Specialist
  • Title IX Compliance Certification Training by Jackie Gharapour, JD
  • Title IX Training for Decision Makers by Jackie Gharapour, JD
  • Title IX Training for Informal Resolution Facilitators by Jackie Gharapour, JD
  • ODE 2020 Title IX Training

Summer 2020

Spring 2020

Title IX Decision Makers

  • Larry Ramirez, Director of High Schools
  • Matt Biondi, Director of Middle Schools
  • Sara Leroy, Director of Elementary Schools
  • Lizi Nelson-Aguilar, Director of Elementary Schools
  • Kevin Walker, Director of Elementary Schools

Training Completed by Decision Makers in January 2024

Additional information about Title IX is available on our Nondiscrimination Policy page or by contacting the Title IX Coordinator, John Beight, or Assistant Coordinator, Debbie Joa.