Adopted Budget

Each year the school board adopts a financial plan for the upcoming school year called the Adopted Budget. This plan guides staff in how funds are to be spent for instructional programs for students.

The superintendent presents the proposed budget in early spring and is based on feedback from staff, parents and community members. The budget committee then holds work sessions to receive feedback from the public on the proposed spending plan.

Once the budget committee approves the financial plan (budget) it is sent to the school board for adoption. Changes to an adopted budget are made through a resolution transfer or a supplemental budget. Both must be approved by the school board.

Picture of Superintendent Christy Perry holding a book and siting with elementary students
Adopted Budget 2019-20 Cover Image

19-20 Adopted Budget 6/11/19

Total Budget: $1,205,712,966

SKPS 18-19 Adopted Budget 6/12/18

18-19 Adopted Budget 6/12/18

Total Budget: $1,147,797,142

SKPS 17-18 Adopted Budget Revised 6/12/18

17-18 Adopted Budget Revised 6/12/18

2017-18 Adopted Budget Revised

Revised 9/12/2017

2017-18 Adopted Budget

Total Budget: $683,020,682

thumbnail of 2016-17 Adopted Budget

Total Budget: $677,547,775