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District Bonds

Public school districts can hold bond elections for voters to decide whether to approve raising funds for repairing, building, or replacing school facilities. Thank you, Salem-Keizer voters, for supporting our students!

About the 2018 Bond

In May 2018, voters in the Salem-Keizer School District approved a $619.7 million general obligation bond for school renovations and expansions and to address crowing and safety. Due to market premiums, earnings, grants and reimbursements, the total approved bond program has grown to about $755 million since it passed.

These funds are being used on expanded scopes and additional projects identified in the 2019 boundary adjustment process, as well as needs not included in the original $619.7 million bond program that were identified during the facility planning process or during architectural design work. Thanks to this additional funding, the district can do more than promised without affecting taxpayer’s levy rate. The bond guarantees some level of improvement at all schools in the district and addresses many needs that were identified in the district’s Long Range Facilities planning process.