Middle School Instruction

Middle School Mission

We will foster the academic, social, and emotional growth in every student ensuring all students are on-track for HS graduation and college & career readiness.

Middle school is an exciting period of development for our students – academically, socially, and physically. Students are learning and growing at a rapid rate, and they require care, attention, and support to prepare for success in high school and beyond. Our Middle Schools

Instructional Standards

In middle school, students continue learning in the academic core standards in Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science, with additional requirements in PE and Health. Students also get to pursue interests in various elective options and programs so they can explore, grow, and learn about the world around us while collaborating with others who have similar interests.

State Standards


Unless designated as open source, curriculum cannot be posted online due to copyright laws. Please contact your student’s teacher to review and discuss what your student is learning in class.

Enriching Electives


All of our middle schools provide access to Choir, Band, and Orchestra instruction. We are proud of our successful SKPS Music Programs!


All of our middle schools engage students in their college dreams through Advancement Via Individual Determination programming. Contact your local school for application information. Learn more about AVID on the College & Career Readiness page.


All of our middle schools provide access to exploratory Career/Technical Education courses that will lay the foundation for success in their neighborhood high schools.

Visual Arts

All of our middle schools provide access to visual arts education. Contact your local school for more information on course offerings.

Middle School Programs

Spanish Dual Immersion Program

Available at Parrish and Walker middle schools. For more, visit the Dual Language page.

International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme

Check out Valley Inquiry Charter School’s IB World program (application and lottery system for enrollment)

List of Salem-Keizer 24J Middle Schools

  • Claggett Creek
    1810 Alder Drive NE,
    Keizer, Oregon 97303
  • Crossler
    1155 Davis Road S,
    Salem, Oregon 97306
  • Houck
    1155 Connecticut SE,
    Salem, Oregon 97317
  • Judson
    4512 Jones Road SE,
    Salem, Oregon 97302
  • Leslie
    3850 Pringle Road SE
    Salem, Oregon 97302
  • Parrish
    802 Capitol Street NE,
    Salem, OR 97301
  • Stephens
    4962 Hayesville Drive NE
    Salem, OR 97305
  • Straub
    1920 Wilmington Avenue NW,
    Salem, OR 97304
  • Waldo
    2805 Lansing Ave NE,
    Salem, Oregon 97301
  • Walker
    1075 8th Street NW
    Salem, OR 97304
  • Whiteaker
    1605 Lockhaven Drive NE,
    Keizer, Oregon 97303