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School Board Agenda May 7, 2024

Contact Us

Ashley Stovin
School Board Secretary

P.O. Box 12024
Salem, OR 97309-0024

Board Meeting

4:30 p.m. Executive Session (non-public session)
6:00 p.m. Superintendent’s Budget message (public session)
7:00 p.m. Business Session (public session)
May 7, 2024
Location: Boardroom, 2575 Commercial Street SE, Salem, Oregon.

Public access is available online.

Watch the meeting on CC:Media YouTube in English

Watch the meeting on CC:Media YouTube in Spanish

ASL: Services provided during meeting.

Spanish audio interpretation: via Interactio app. Launch the app and use event code: SKPS2024

Meeting broadcast on CC:Media, channel 21. Closed caption in English through CC:Media television and YouTube.

Call to Order

  • Attendance

Executive Session (Non-Public Session)

The board will meet in executive session under the following Oregon Revised Statute (ORS):

  • ORS 192.660(2)(f) to consider information or records that are exempt by law from public inspection.
  • ORS 192.660(2)(i) to review and evaluate the employment-related performance of the chief executive officer of any public body, a public officer, employee, or staff member who does not request an open hearing.
  • Representatives of the news media are allowed to attend executive sessions, except for those sessions held in regard to expulsions. All other audience members are excluded from executive sessions and are asked to exit the meeting area. Representatives of the news media are specifically directed not to report on any of the deliberations during executive sessions, except to state the general subject of the session as listed on the agenda. No recording of executive sessions is allowed without express permission from the board.

Reconvene 6 p.m. (Public Session)

  • Land Acknowledgement
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Agenda Modifications

Spotlight on Success

  • Spotlights


  • Superintendent’s Report

Public Comment

Public comment will be accepted by calling in, joining online, or in writing (sign-up using the online form is required). The link to sign up to provide public comment opens when the agenda is posted and closes at 3 p.m. Monday. Please use our Google Form to sign up. Directions for all types of public comment are included in the sign-up form.

A lottery system will be used to select speakers at random. Depending on the number of people who signed up to comment, we may not be able to hear from everyone. For this meeting, thirty (30) minutes will be designated for public comment. Each speaker will be allowed up to three (3) minutes. Electronic mechanisms are utilized online and in the meeting room for translation purposes. The board will receive the written public comment prior to the board meeting, and the written comment will be posted on the district website.

Overview of Candidates for Student Advisor to the School Board

  • Overview of applicants for Student Advisor to the School Board

Action Items

  • Adoption of High School English Language Arts Curriculum
  • Adoption of AP Literature High School English Language Arts Curriculum
  • Adoption of AP Language High School English Language Arts Curriculum
  • Adoption of Middle School Math Curriculum
  • Adoption of the Newcomer English Language Development Curriculum
  • Approval of the 2024 Transportation Supplemental Plan

Consent Calendar

  • Acceptance of Grants
  • Approve the Teacher Appreciation Month Proclamation
  • Approve the Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander Heritage Month Proclamation
  • Approve Resolution No. 202324-8 - Dual Language Expansion
  • Approve Food Services Management Contract
  • Personnel Actions

Information/Standard Reports (Written Form Only)

  • Board/Budget Meeting Calendar

Board Reports

Board reports are to share the work from formal committee assignments and activities of the board related to youth programs and school district activities.