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Snow Routes

If there is snow or ice, some school bus routes in Salem-Keizer may change. If buses need snow routes, families impacted will get a message.

Salem-Keizer Snow Routes

For the safety of students and drivers, snow routes may be implemented when inclement weather prevents buses from operating safely.

  • If your student's school bus route is listed below, please check to see if your usual bus stop and time has an alternate snow route.
  • If your student's bus stop is located on a snow route, their afternoon drop-off point will be the same location as the alternate morning pick-up point.
  • If your student's school, bus route, or bus stop is not listed it is not impacted by snow routes and will run as scheduled. 
  • If you are unsure whether your school bus route will be modified by snow routes, please contact your student's school to verify.

What is My Bus Route Number?

You can use the district's Busfinder app to find your student's usual bus route, bus stop, pick up and drop off times based on your residential address. Each bus's route number (RT#) is displayed to the left of its door.

Elementary School Snow Routes

Middle School Snow Routes

High School Snow Routes