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Budget Committee

Salem-Keizer Public Schools welcomes community members to attend its public budget committee meetings or apply to serve on the committee. 

Budget Committee Meetings

Budget Committee Meeting Dates


Superintendent's Budget Message

The superintendent's budget message is usually delivered by the superintendent in late April or early May, with public hearings usually held during the month of May.

For information on upcoming meeting dates, email Ashley Stovin, Budget Committee Secretary, or call 503-399-3001.


About the Budget Committee

The budget committee is a 14-member group consisting of the Salem-Keizer School Board and seven appointed volunteer community members. The committee is an advisory group established by statute to make budgetary recommendations to the school board. Budget committee appointees serve three-year terms and may apply for additional service.

The budget committee conducts public meetings and reviews the budget proposed by the superintendent. Community members are encouraged to attend these meetings and provide comments.

Community Budget Committee Members

Kathryn Jones

Term expires June 30, 2026

Nancy MacMorris-Adix

Term expires June 30, 2024

Lara Million

Term expires June 30, 2024

Oscar Porras

Term expires June 30, 2025

Patrick Schwab

Term expires June 30, 2025

Kelley Strawn

Term expires June 30, 2026

Position Vacant

Term expires June 30, 2026

School Board Budget Committee Members

Each board member is elected by local voters to serve a four-year term without pay. Even though each member represents a zone in our district, the entire board works together to serve all students in Salem and Keizer.

Lisa Harnisch

Director Zone 1, Appointed in 2024

Cynthia Richardson

First Vice-Chair, Director Zone 2, Elected in 2023

Ashley Carson Cottingham

Second Vice-Chairperson, Director Zone 3, Elected in 2021

Satya Chandragiri

Director Zone 4, Elected in 2019

Karina Guzmán Ortiz

Chairperson, Director Zone 5, Elected in 2021

Krissy Hudson

Director Zone 6, Elected in 2023

María Hinojos Pressey

Director Zone 7, Elected in 2021