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Academics & Instruction

We want all students to finish school ready for a successful life. We think every student should get great teaching every day in every class.

About Academics & Instruction in Salem-Keizer

All Salem-Keizer schools provide the same level of high-quality instruction to students. If you are wishing to send your student to a school outside of your attendance area or to one of our specialized educational programs, you may complete an in-district transfer request November 1-30 for mid-year transfers or March 1-31 for following year transfers.

For more information on how instructional materials and curriculum are selected, please see our Policies, Procedures & Forms page.

What is My Child Learning?

Find the learning goals for your student at each grade level and how to help them succeed in school and prepare for life after graduation.

Help Your Student Reach Graduation

Educational Programs & Services

Learn what resources, services and programs are available to support your student's success.

Explore Salem-Keizer Programs


See our glossary of commonly used acronyms the district might refer to when describing programs, services, staff or education-related concepts.

 Glossary of District Acronyms