Salem-Keizer Public Schools’ Strategic Plan

Equitable Student Outcomes

We will ensure that all students master grade-level academic standards and attain the behavioral and social-emotional skills needed to thrive.

Implement Data Driven Systems

We will create systems to routinely analyze and respond to student data.

Leadership Development

We will develop the knowledge, will, and skill of our leaders to interrupt systems of oppression

Improve Instruction

We will provide the right instruction at the right time for every student.

Effective Operations

We will align district operations to support instruction.

Inclusive Culture & Community

We will build inclusive environments that empower students and staff to thrive.

Strategic Plan

For more details on our Strategic Plan goals, download the document in Arabic |  English | Marshallese | RussianSpanish | Swahili

Key Performance Indicators

These indicators and outcomes provide check-points for student success.

  • Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion
  • Social-Emotional Supports
  • Elementary Success
  • Middle School Success
  • High School Success
  • Community Engagement/Empowerment