State Standards Assurance Compliance

January 29, 2020

TO: Christy Perry, Superintendent
FROM: Linda Myers, Assistant Superintendent
SUBJECT: State Standards Assurance Compliance (Division 22)

Each year, school district superintendents are required to report to their school board and communities their district’s standing with respect to the Standards for Public Elementary and Secondary Schools as set forth in OAR Chapter 581, Division 22. Salem-Keizer School District reported in a public board meeting on January 28, 2020.

Following that report, districts are required to complete and return the Elementary and Secondary Schools Assurances form to the Oregon Department of Education by February 15. The form acknowledges the district’s compliance with Oregon Administrative Rules and identifies areas needing correction.

The Superintendent’s Cabinet is charged with the responsibility of examining each standard, documenting compliance, and identifying areas for improvement. After examination, it has been determined that Salem-Keizer School District complies with all Division 22 Standards with the exception of the following Oregon Administrative Rules:

581-022-2030 District Curriculum. At the elementary level, the district does not have updated health and PE standards. Updated standards and an accompanying scope and sequence will be implemented during the 2020-21 school year.

581-022-2355 Instructional Materials Adoption. At the elementary level, the district does not have an adopted social studies curriculum. At this time, there are no plans to adopt social studies curriculum. Instead, we are currently working on a scope and sequence for social studies standards that utilizes nonfiction text from our literacy curriculum to be implemented during the 2020-21 school year.