Salem-Keizer Reports & Statistics

Two young boys laughing
Elementary students crowd the school hallway, standing in line for lunch
Group of high school graduates in green graduation gowns and mortar hats
Young girl sitting at desk with colorful hoody
3 students around curved table with teacher in the middle
South high students pose in their chef outfits during a CTE culinary arts class
Students in the Salem-Keizer Public Schools (as of October 2018)
Students considered to be economically disadvantaged
Students who are part of the Talented & Gifted Program
Students who are English language learners
Students receiving Special Education services.
Students enrolled in a career and technical education course

As of November 2019

Success in Salem-Keizer is a annual district publication that details student achievement data, demographics and graduation rate information. Publications from 2011-2016 are currently available.





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Salem-Keizer Public Schools By the Numbers is annual publication produced by Community Relations and Communications that summarizes student enrollment, employee, school, and budget data.

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Cifras generales de nuestro districto escolar


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The District Report Card is produced annually by the State of Oregon. The report card includes information about student performance in our district, and provides detail about student outcomes by student group, such as English Learners, Talented And Gifted (TAG), race and ethnicity, etc. It also describes enrollment and gives a profile of the composition of district staff and students.

SKPS Report Card 2018-19 (English)

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Salem-Keizer School Performance Report Cards

The Oregon Department of Education produces yearly report cards for school and district performances. Demonstrating that schools are accountable, the report card displays consistent and reliable information about each school and district directly to parents and community members.

Reports are in English and Spanish. Los informes están en inglés y español.

Visit the Oregon Department of Education’s School Report Cards Page

The Oregon English Language Learner Report details financial information for English language learner program, along with the objectives and needs of students enrolled in an English language learner program. These reports are prepared by the Office of Research and Analysis for the Oregon Legislature.

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See the results the district’s testing of all schools, childcare facilities and administrative buildings (owned or leased) for both lead and copper in the drinking water.

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See the results the district’s testing for Radon exposure in all schools, childcare facilities and administrative buildings (owned or leased).

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