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The 2018 bond provides funding to

Salem-Keizer community approves bond measure

In May 2018, voters in the Salem-Keizer School District approved a $619.7 million general obligation bond to provide relief for overcrowding, expand access to career and technical (vocational programs), increase safety and security including seismic safety, and protect the community’s investment in district facilities.

The bond promises some level of improvement at all schools in the district and addresses many needs that were identified in the district’s Long Range Facilities planning process. To review the history of the facility planning process or the development of the bond package, please visit the Bond History page.

Bond program accomplishes additional work

Since the bond passed in 2018, the total approved bond program has grown to about $755 million. The increase comes from market premiums, earnings, grants and reimbursements. These funds have been earmarked for additional projects and expanded scope to address needs identified in the 2019 boundary adjustment process, and specific needs that were not included in the original $619.7 million bond program, but were identified during the facility planning process or during architectural design work.

Because of the additional funding, the district can do more than promised in the original bond package without affecting the taxpayer’s levy rate.

The Your Bond Dollars at Work factsheet provides a snapshot of the progress of the bond program through October 2021.

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Download the Your Bond Dollars at Work factsheet (PDF)

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Accountability and reporting

The Community Bond Oversight Committee meets quarterly to monitor the progress of the bond program. CBOC reports annually to the School Board. CBOC also provides recommendations for the use of bond funds in accordance with state law and the language in the voter-approved ballot title.